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Currency Detectors

Portable Fake Currency Detector
Currency Detectors
Handheld UV Lamp Light Torch Led Flashlight Money Detector Counterfeit Currency Bill Fake Banknotes Passports Security Check
600.00 KES
AC Fake Currency Detector
Currency Detectors
Alloet UV Light Practical Counterfeit Bill Currency Fake Money Detector Checker EU Plug Black Color 183 x 82 x 90mm
1,200.00 KES
AC-DC Fake Currency Detector
Currency Detectors
With this Counterfeit Money Detector, you will never be fooled by false money bills again.
Fluorescent UV blue lamp 4W.
Watermarks and any other distinguishing marks of the money should appear and you can verify for yourself.
The newest design of the Money Detector will operate safely avoid the UV light shine to your eyes.
Counterfeit Detector with ON/OFF switch.
1,500.00 KES
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