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Make it Real and Original
with Gorilla original photo papers.
We like fun things. Printing photos is fun…standing in line to pick them up is not. We carry a huge selection of printable products so you can print at a moment's notice, anytime the creative juices hit you. We make printing fun.
Buy our high quality photo paper and photo sticker paper for your home and business use. With our everyday low-prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you'll be thrilled by our great products and deep discounts. Enjoy big savings while at home or the office.
Our selection of fine art photography paper is superb. We understand that how the final print looks and feels in an integral part of making a statement as an artist. So we offer plenty of options to choose from an extraordinary array of glossy, semi-gloss, satin, luster, and matte surface finishes on inkjet papers.
The fine art photography paper you choose will depend greatly on the level of detail and contrast you want to show and the range of colors and tones you need to reproduce. For example, some of the newer metallic papers are optimized for black-and-white or sepia-toned photography.
Gorilla RC Professional Photo Paper. Great for printing photos taken from your digital camera. This premium glossy photo paper is specially resin-coated with Instant Dry technology to produce a premium gloss finished image that resembles a truly photographic appearance and feel. This Gorilla paper coating protects your photos for a longer-lasting life-span. In addition, this photo glossy paper is universally coated to use with most inkjet printers in the market today. Professional gloss for beautiful photographs and full color graphics.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Gorilla High Glossy Inkjet Photo Papers swells and absorbs the liquid ink sprayed onto it by the printer.
These papers are for use only with dye ink sets, as pigments inks cannot be absorbed into the coating.
One advantage of these papers is that they can be much glossier.
Also, because the ink is absorbed into the swellable layer, the prints are more resistant to abrasion or fade from airborne pollutants.
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Sublimation paper is used with sublimation inks for heat transfer printing.

Customers sometimes overlook the sublimation paper when setting up a heat transfer system. They spent much time on researching the right heat temperature and sublimation inks for better heat transfer printing quality. The sublimation paper is often a last minute buying decision.

Also, some customers assume that this sublimation paper is actually a normal A4 we could buy outside.

Well, sublimation paper is actually playing a critical role in the final output quality of your sublimated products.

Look at the picture below. You will understand it. These are two different sublimation papers from different brands after heat transfer printing by digital mug press machine for the same time length and temperature.
Gorilla T-shirt Inkjet Transfer paper is a range for Student, Designers, and Studio Labs & Home-Users.
We have Light Color Transfer paper and Dark Color Transfer paper.

Be unique and express your creativity with your own wearable art! The transfer application can be done using both a domestic iron, which every household has OR professional heat press. We also sell the heat press machines.

Using your own designs and Inkjet printer, you can transfer images and text up to an A4 size.

Receiving media can include t-shirt, cotton bags, cushions, apron, hats and many other cotton based fabric items.
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Thermal paper is a recording media to be printed with heat from the thermal printer. The image is produced by heat, without printing ink, when the selected area of the thermal paper passes over the thermal print head. The image is created through the direct transfer of heat (thermal energy) to the thermal paper: thermal paper has a coating, which changes color to black when exposed to heat. No ink ribbon, toner or ink cartridge is required to record information on the thermal paper. Thermal printing is done with small, compact thermal printers that do not need much maintenance. Thermal paper is widely used in many applications, such as labels, tickets, POS receipts, medical charts, because of its high reliability and convenience.
We have 57mm and 80mm thermal papers in stock.
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