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This is a new technology for making cards. No need any bulk equipment or professional operation. Only one inkjet printer, heat laminator, trimmer can make it. Just take few minutes to make 10cards.

1, No need any professional equipments
2, Vivid color and high resolution photo quality
3, High glossy, water resistant with tight and smooth edge PVC card
4, Quick, easy, customized and professional to make PVC card. Low investment, high profit.

Apply to: VIP card, IC card, student's identity card, magnetic card, etc.
Also other fields, like: bridal veil photographic, key tablet, etc, there is no limit size for our Instant PVC card.

Color: white, gold, silver
Size: A4 size
Thickness: 0.15+0.46+0.15mm
Package: 50sets/bag,3sheets/set (include 2sheets printable material,1 sheet middle material)

Color: White

Packages: 50 pcs/ bag

Type: Common digital inkjet printing PVC sheet

Surfaces: Matte surface (picture can only printed on this side) & Smooth surface

Size: 210x297mm

Thickness for each pc : 0.76mm ( 0.15mm inkjet print sheet + 0.46mm middle material(hard core)+0.15mm(inkjet print sheet )

Laminating temperature: 100-130C

Printing accuracy: 1440 dpi

Storage conditions: sealed, avoid moisture , temperature below 40C

Functions: Suitable for color inkjet printing, it also can be screen printed and offset printed.

Clear image
perfect color reversion
flat smooth and bright surface
Firm card body
Can be excellent laminated
Strong anti-UV ability

1. Size 85.6*54mm.
2. Thickness 0.76mm (CR80/30mil).
3.Compatible to any kinds of ink, including normal water-base dye ink and pigment ink.
4. Can sign direct to PVC card using pen.
5. Good Quality.Waterproof and glossy.
6.No need to cut, No need to Laminate.
7.Double side printable.
●Produce simple: With our ID card template print the inkjet PVC card directly by Epson or Canon printer. No need cut and laminating.
●High Quality: Color is flamboyant,like the photos.
●Low Cost: Although the inkjet PVC card price is higher than normal PVC card,but you don't buy expensive card printer,only for your office
●Epson or Canon printer is OK,and use normal dye ink or pigment.

Laminating film
Laminating film is made up of the high-quality transparent PET and EVA material,the EVA glue inside the film,after heating,the glue melts quickly,permeating and sticking  that help to keep long preserved.
This product is used for ID cards, driving licenses, licenses, passport, representation cards, service cards, photos,file materials, business cards, etc.
This product has many advantages after being laminated such as waterproof, abrasion resistant and scratch resistant,anti fading. Besides, it is also clear, well-pressed, beautiful and easy to clean.
Round corner,not easily be tore off .
Package: 2PCS ID Card Tray for Epson(inkjet pvc card not included)
ID Card Tray
Printing cards: 2pcs at one time
Color: White
Printing mode: always choose CD/DVD printing mode
Printing performance: USing for printing on inkjet pvc card directly,easy operation
For Epson Iinkjet Printers:
Printing templates and tutorial are available,please contact us if you need.

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